Click2call : Click2call solutions are revolutionising relations between web users and businesses.

How does work? “Web call back”, “click to call” and “call back” solutions are revolutionising relations between web users and businesses.

It is not uncommon for web users filling out a form (for placing orders or making reservations) to have a specific question that prevents them from continuing. “Web call back” solutions allow the visitor to click on a free “call back” button inserted on the company’s website.
The web visitor enters his contact information (specifically his telephone number), and someone calls him back immediately, at no charge. This way he can quickly obtain a relevant, personalised answer to his question.

The Click2call solution is offered in the form of Software As A Service (SAAS). The software licence is available at the address It is provided by the companies Click2Callvision Sprl & Paratel SA.
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Click2Talk : A pay per call solution.

How does work? “We create dedicated landing pages to build an offline/online synergy to generate a new source of traffic.
We integrate our click2call technology to those dedicated landing pages. We hosted those landing pages on our servers We manage specific and contextual affiliated, SEM and SEO marketing actions to generate traffic to those pages. We are only paid based on the monthly click2call that are generated. Click2Talk is the perfect one stop shopping solution to
- Expand market share
- Reach customers who do not convert line
- Offer complex products and convert online sales with the call center
- Increasing the rates of conversion
- Up-selling opportunities and cross-selling
- Calls where a highly qualified processing more efficient by phone
- Extending the sales performance beyond Internet
- Track the results of offline channels
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How does Click2call work?

1. The web visitor clicks your link
The visitor enters his telephone number to receive an immediate call
2. The web visitor’s telephone rings
Within a second after the form is submitted, the visitor’s telephone rings. At that time, the visitor can end the call before being connected to one of the company’s representatives.
3. Your telephone rings
One of the company’s representatives receives a direct telephone call. He can then speak with the web visitor. If the representative is busy, the system automatically tells the web visitor that the representative will call him back later.