Click2call : Click2call solutions are revolutionising relations between web users and businesses.

How does work? “Web call back”, “click to call” and “call back” solutions are revolutionising relations between web users and businesses.

It is not uncommon for web users filling out a form (for placing orders or making reservations) to have a specific question that prevents them from continuing. “Web call back” solutions allow the visitor to click on a free “call back” button inserted on the company’s website.
The web visitor enters his contact information (specifically his telephone number), and someone calls him back immediately, at no charge. This way he can quickly obtain a relevant, personalised answer to his question.

The Click2Call solution is offered in the form of Software As A Service (SAAS). The software licence is available at the address It is provided by the companies Click2CallVision Sprl & Paratel SA.
Learn More A Special Relationship with Your Customers. offers the benefit of establishing a special, targeted relationship between your company and your customers. This service is the best way to reach the visitor while he is paying close attention to your services on one of the pages of your website. will be placed on product pages, order or information request pages, and anywhere that direct contact with your sales department would reduce the risk of the visitor leaving your site for a competitor’s site.

Your company will enjoy a two-fold benefit by setting up the service:
It can respond in real time to questions from prospects/customers.
It will build its image as a high-quality service provider by showing that it, too, is using the most cutting-edge technology. A Service Recommended for Highly Competitive Sectors.

Although the “call back” service will certainly increase your company’s appeal, it is especially important when doing business in a competitive sector where you are selling a relatively expensive product that requires some explanation. In sectors where you need to persuade customers quickly – insurance, travel, tourism – the vast majority of banks in the English-speaking world, for example, are already using this system.

“Call back” is already widely used in the following sectors:

1. Automobile (making appointments for test drives)
2. Financial services (banks and insurance)
3. Utilities (water, electricity)
4. Hotel and tourism
5. Telephony
6. E-Commerce (order forms)
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