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How it works

After clicking on the Click2Call button or link, the web visitor enters his information using a form, and specifically his telephone number. He will then submit the form in order to receive a call back. Straight away, our IT server calls the visitor back and when he answers, it puts him on hold by playing a standard welcome message that can be personalised. While he waits, depending on the other information entered by the web user, our server will call the number(s) of the representatives previously designated by you and puts you in contact with your customer. The entire operation is automated; the Paratel servers make the calls over the telephone networks so they are free for the web user. Please note that the representative will have the option not to accept the call. In this case, the visitor will be immediately informed that the representative will call him back later. The representative then receives an e-mail containing all of the information entered by the visitor.

You can directly adjust the list of your representatives to determine who will be called depending on the specific use of the “click to call” function. You decide where to put the button and when you want it to appear. This way you can make it appear at the most advantageous moment, such as when the browser window is closed, in a newsletter, or at the bottom of a proposal. On an e-commerce site, for example, it can appear when the customer abandons a transaction before finalising his order.

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